Penguin conservation
There are a number of conservation organisations in New Zealand working to conserve penguins. Some like the Department of Conservation and Forest and Bird work at a National level with many species and habitats while others like the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust are species specific.

New Zealand Department of Conservation
The Department of Conservation (DoC) is the government agency responsible for national parks, reserves and wildlife in New Zealand. DoC manages the subantarctic islands that are home to many of the crested penguins, much of Stewart Island and Fiordland that is home for the Fiordland crested prenguin, significant areas of yellow-eyed habitat and numerous islands and reserves around the country that blue penguins make use of.

The Department's maintenance of the predator-free status of many islands is crucial to to the survial of many species and its efforts to control predators in other areas benefit a wide range of species including penguins.

DoC has offices and visitor centres in many locations around the country. DoC's web pages are at

Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust
The Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust is a conservation organisation dedicated to the protection of Yellow-eyed penguins. Through generous sponsorship by organisations like Mainland Products Ltd, they have been able to purchase several areas of penguin habitat and are working to revegetate them and restore habitat for penguins. They can be contacted at and have new web pages at

Yellow-eyed Penguin Consultative Group
The Yellow-eyed Penguin Consultative Group is an umbrella group made up of those individuals and groups, which have an interest in the Conservation of Yellow-eyed Penguin through out its range. The group meets 4 times a year and organises an annual symposium for interested members to report back on their year's activities. The symposium also has an annual theme relating to yellow-eyed Penguin Conservation.

For more information on the group, copies of the minutes etc, contact the secretary - Bruce McKinlay

Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society
Forest and Bird is a large nation-wide nature conservation organisation active in forest conservation and marine reserves. They also have purchased land for the protection of penguins. See their web pages at or email them at

New Zealand National Parks and Conservation Foundation
The Foundation is an independent charitable trust launched in February 2001, with the strong support of the Department of Conservation, to promote and support the conservation and protection of New Zealand's unique natural heritage. Foundation funds are raised through corporate grants, sponsorships, donations, marketing partnerships and private legacies, bequests, gifts and donations. The Foundation's immediate aim is to build an endowment fund of $2 million over the next three years. From this fund, grants will be made to a range of community-based conservation initiatives, particularly those supporting projects in and around national parks. See the web site at

Penguin Conservation and Research Forum
A forum for those working in penguin conservation and research can be found at

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