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Dave who?
I work for the Department of Conservation in Wellington, New Zealand where I provide advice and technical support to species conservation programmes (mainly birds) in the Chatham Islands. For the previous 20 years I worked in Otago managing managing protected species and marine programmes. This included yellow-eyed and blue penguins with which I've been fortunate enough to work with for some 18 years, but also Royal albatross, forest birds, native fish, rare plants and lizards.

My work with penguins has centred around the management and conservation of yellow-eyed and blue penguins; monitoring breeding success, habitat restoration, predator control and supervising research. I have also taken the opportunity to be involved in research projects on Erect-crested and Snares crested penguins and attended the international penguin conference in 2000 and 2004.

In my spare time, I'm an advisor to the management of the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony and have been actively involved in the development and management of that site since its inception.

I've been developing this website over the past few of years, adding material whenever I get the time.

Where's Dave?

If you're wondering where I am and why I haven't answered your email, open this with Google Earth and see where I am.


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