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How do penguins sleep?
Penguins sleep for a few minutes at a time any time of the day or night, wherever they are,although they sleep for longer periods on land and at night. They will sleep in a wide range of positions - sitting in the water, standing up, lying down, sitting or in some species, even perched in a tree. Crested penguins can often be seen sleeping with part of their bill tucked under a flipper
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Do penguins mate for life?
Many species of penguin do form long-term relationships, but some species choose a new mate every year. Blue penguins are among those who form long-term relationships and their divorce rate is around 6% per year.

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How to penguins reproduce?
Pretty much in the same way that all other birds reproduce - the female is mounted by the male and sperm passed from cloaca to cloaca. The egg is fertilized at ovulation, but yolk development starts 14-17 days before this. After that the alumen (white) and shell are added and the egg moves down the oviduct. In all it takes around 23 days. The second egg is laid after 3-4 days.

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What do penguins drink ?
Penguins drink any water they can get access to - fresh or salt. When ashore they will drink fresh water from pools and streams and can sometimes be seen drinking water preened off their backs during rain showers. At sea penguins must drink salt water and they are able to do this because they have special glands abound the eye sockets that extract excess salt from the blood. The excess salt is excreted as a salty fluid through the nasal passages.

How do penguins get up after falling over?
The fact that we're not knee deep in penguins stuck on their back is testament that they can indeed right themselves. Their flexible neck means that they can quickly flip themselves over, sometimes using their bill as a prop. Once on their "fronts", because penguins feet are so far forward on the body they are able to just flip their feet forward and stand up.
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