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Penguin Pages
The Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony
The place to see blue penguins in New Zealand.

Pete and Barb's Penguin Pages
A set of pages covering most things penguin. There are detailed species notes covering descriptions of all the penguins, their behaviour and where they live. There are also pages devoted to where to go to see penguins (in the wild and in captivity) as well as information on penguin literature and shopping.

Thomas Mattern's web blog on current yellow-eyed penguin research

A new site on the wonderful world of penguins by scientist, author and filmmaker Dr Lloyd Spencer Davis

Boulders Beach
Cape Town, South Africa: Guesthouse accommodation only footsteps from Boulders Beach, home to the famous 'Jackass' or African Penguin colony. Also home to Van the Penguin Man's web site.

Treasure oil spill
Info on the wreck of the Treasure, the resulting oil spill and its impact on African penguins

Tiki the penguins web page
An environmental news page for kids.

Anja's penguin page

Anja's pages on things penguin. Order the cool poster! (In German)

An Antarctic travel and nature photogtaphy site.

Falklands Conservation
Protecting the Unique Wildlife of the Falkland Islands and the South Atlantic.

Quality photos and posters of penguins and their world, penguin personalities, huge Antarctic landscapes


New Zealand Bird Pages
New Zealand Birds
A site dedicated to the unique birds of New Zealand.

Birding NZ
Where to see birds in New Zealand

Kids for Birds
The site is designed for children and gives info and pictures of all NZ birds. There is an Arts Gallery where kids can print out pictures to colour, a story page, All About Birds page, links to bird news items and other sites of interest.

Other wildlife
Polar Bears International
All you need to know about polar bears.

Ocean Mammal Institute
OMI is unique as a research organization. We collect data on the impact of human marine activities on whales and dolphins. The research results are used to develop guidelines to protect these marine mammals.

Conservation organisations
New Zealand Department of Conservation
The government conservation organisation in New Zealand

NZ Trust for Conservation Volunteers
Conservation volunteer opportunities in NZ

Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust
NZ conservation organisation dedicated to the protection of yellow-eyed penguins

Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society
NZ's largest conservation society

NZ National Parks and Conservation Foundation
A funding organisation for community-based conservation projects

Kiwi Conservation Club
Forest and Bird's childrens club - excellent

Kiwi Recovery Programme
Official site of the Kiwi recovery programme

Kakapo Recovery Programme
Official site of the Kakapo recovery programme

Taiko Trust
The Chatham Island Taiko (Magenta Petrel) is one of the world's most endangered seabirds. It breeds only on the Chatham Islands 800 kilometres east of New Zealand. Current population estimates range between 120 to 140 individuals with only 14 known breeding pairs. This website describes the taiko and work being carried out to save it from extinction.

Regional information
Tourism Waitaki
Information on Oamaru and the Waitaki District

Dunedin tourism
Information on Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula
Tour operators
Heritage Expeditions Ltd
Ship-based expeditions to Fiordland, the Antarctic and sub-antarctic.

Nature Quest NZ
Tailored guided bird, nature and study tours

Conservation Jobs
A New Zealand based job listing service for jobs in the Conservation sector
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