Blue penguins

Blue (or little) penguins don't make for easy viewing as they live underground and undertake all of their land-based activities under the cover of darkness, but fortunately there are a few places one can see them around New Zealand.

On land at night
Oamaru blue penguin colony
At the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony lighting is provided under which the penguins can be seen coming ashore at the end of the day and returning to their burrows. This facility operates all year round although peak penguin numbers are between September and January.
Pohatu Penguins on the Banks Peninsula near Christchurch offer guided evening trips to see the white-flippered variety of the blue penguin.

At sea during the day
Blue penguins spend very long hours at sea and in areas they are common it is often possible to see them from boats. Boat operators that may be able to offer views of blue penguins include;
Akaroa dolphin and bird watching cruises offer cruises on the Akaroa Harbour near Christchurch
The Black Cat Group offer cruises on both the Akaroa and Lyttleton harbours

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